Tải game Boomerang Fu vui nhộn cho máy tính

Tải game Boomerang Fu vui nhộn cho máy tính

Boomerang Fu is a fun action game where you can choose one of many cute characters such as fruit, bread or milk bottle and fight other enemies using a boomerang. The game has single player mode or play with friends, with many different maps, weapons and skills to explore.

Couch mutiplayer chaos

Playfully incinerate and applaud your pals in the blink of an eye with delightful physics showdowns, accommodating up to 6 players. Ideal for injecting vibrant energy into your gatherings!

Play with fiend in Boomerang Fu

Stack power-ups together

Embark on an adventure with an absurd array of power-ups, from explosive boomerangs to disguises and telekinesis. Fuse these whimsical abilities to create downright outrageous combinations that will leave you in awe!

Stack power-ups together

Simple controls

Unleash chaos with just one stick and a trio of buttons to dismantle your comrades. Instant accessibility for all, yet a realm of advanced techniques awaits hardcore enthusiasts. Master the lost martial art’s intricacies—deflect incoming assaults, retrieve discarded boomerangs, and skillfully curve your throws around corners to evolve into the formidable boomerang maestro.

Unleash chaos with just one stick and a trio of buttons to dismantle your comrades

Over 30 arenas

Embark on a culinary odyssey as you engage in combat across more than 30 Kung Fu arenas, each brimming with distinctive tools and traps. Leap over dynamic platforms and stealthily navigate through vibrant foliage. Activate sliding walls to outmaneuver your adversaries. Plunge between colossal rolling pins and captivate the Toast Sovereign in this flavorful adventure.

Team up

Unite with your comrades to confront cunning AI adversaries collaboratively. Alternatively, engage in heated competition as you vie for possession of the coveted Golden Boomerang in an exhilarating alternative game mode.

Change the rules

Customize your gameplay experience by indulging in the power-ups you adore. Disable shields, enable friendly fire—tailor the rules to your liking! For optimal enjoyment, wield your favorite controllers; be it Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or a multitude of others—Boomerang Fu supports them all.

Explore Remote Play Together via Steam. Keep in mind that the quality of video and input lag hinges on your internet connection speed and hardware capabilities.

Meet the crew

Boomerang Fu gameplay

Cấu hình chơi Boomerang Fu tối thiểu

  • Yêu cầu vi xử lý và hệ điều hành đều chạy 64-bit
  • HĐH *: Windows 7+
  • Bộ xử lý: Intel Core i5-5257U, AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or equivalent
  • Bộ nhớ: 4 GB RAM
  • Đồ họa: GeForce GTX 1050, AMD RX 460 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Phiên bản 11
  • Lưu trữ: 600 MB chỗ trống khả dụng

Link download Boomerang Fu miễn phí – Google Drive

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